BHERI TECHNICAL SCHOOL (BTS) was established as one of the CTEVT constituted technical and vocational training school in 1993 under ADB loan. It is located within the premise of Nepalgunj Industrial Estate, Nepalgunj, Banke. The programs and services of the school are mandated by an Act of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational training (CTEVT). It is designed as an urban technical school to produce basic and middle level technical workforce suitable for the growing need in manufacturing, industrial activities and other constructional works and services for society.

The school comprises with physical facilities in abundance for teaching and training technical workforce forever twenty years. Starting with a training program in basic house wiring in small rented house, it has now grown up enough to claim that it is one of the leading technical training provider in the country. Now it has its own buildings, workshops, laboratories and other facilities adequate enough to offer various short term trainings, seven TSLC and one diploma program. Presently, BTS is conducting three years Diploma course in Electrical Engineering and TSLC (Technical School Leaving Certificate) Level trade courses in General Mechanical, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Automobile, Civil, Electronics, Electrical & Computer application and Office Management. Gradually promoting its activities, now a days, it is established as the largest and one of the best technical school of CTEVT and provides qualitative training in various technical fields. From the academic year 2072/73, with initial financial support of ADB-Skills Development Project, BTS is planning to introduce 2 academic Diploma level programs; Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Diploma in Civil Engineering.